And... Action !

Sunday, 23rd March 2014 - By Misha Ulrich

clapstr macbook computer

The Clapstr Team is excited to present its campaign! With fingers and toes crossed, we are trying to gain enough support and raise enough funds to finalize Clapstr and bring it to you as soon as possible.

We first want to thank everyone who has shown interest in Clapstr! Your encouragement is what keeps us going and has helped to shape and transform Clapstr as we get further and further along with its development.

We have reached the final stages of conceptualizing what Clapstr will be, thanks to everyone’s support. With a working prototype and a firm model of the final product, we have now entered the stage of production. Unfortunately, as a startup business, we lack the necessary funds to realize our vision, which is why we have launched our campaign on Through our campaign, we ask our followers and future users to help support the production of this exciting new platform by buying ‘perks.’ These ‘perks’ will help us achieve the necessary steps to launch Clapstr. Donations to Clapstr will be used to buy server space, finalize mobile apps, improve database to client connections, and make Clapstr as efficient and stable as possible.

To show our appreciation for your ‘perks,’ you will be rewarded with premium memberships once we launch and a stylish T-shirt designed for Clapstr.

We can’t wait to get Clapstr up and running, getting you the music you want to be hearing! You can further show your support by sharing this blog with your friends, leading them to the campaign site, or checking out our facebook page and sharing with your friends. The more perks we get, the faster we can bring you Clapstr!

You can find all the informations regarding the campaign, including how to show your support here.

Image: Clapstr