Using music to reduce pain

Sunday, 6th April 2014

clapstr pain

The therapeutic and mind soothing qualities of music therapy and its conquest of pain has to be experienced to be truly believed and in this article I shall narrate my own personal experiences of how music therapy eased and helped me cure my recurrent and painful headaches and associated conditions, which had been tormenting me for several years. [Read more]

Music is our second language

Sunday, 31st March 2014

clapstr universal language

Music is a universal language, maybe even the most powerful one. It connects us at a fundamental level, at the level of our emotions. It’s at once so basic, yet so multi-dimensional. [Read more]

And... Action !

Sunday, 23rd March 2014

clapstr crowdfunding macbook

The Clapstr Team is excited to present its campaign! With fingers and toes crossed, we are trying to gain enough support and raise enough funds to finalize Clapstr and bring it to you as soon as possible. [Read more]

Is pop music getting worse ?

Saturday, 15th March 2014

clapstr popmusic singer pop

Pop music used to be better in the “good old days". In the 80s I was told that 60s a 70s music had been the real ones, in the 90s I heard people wanting to go back to the colorful world of 80s music, nowadays it's a 90s nostalgia. [Read more]

Love songs story

Wednesday, 12th March 2014

clapstr crowd

Days, maybe weeks passed, and I saw you in a club, you were with your friends, I was on my own. I wanted to say I've been trying, I'm not lying, no one's perfect, I've got baggage too. But there was no time for much, and I had to pull you away for a brief moment in which I only wanted you to kiss me beneath the milky twilight. [Read more]

Reaching out through pitch and rhythm

Tuesday, 2nd March 2014

clapstr crowd

When my niece was born we were all rejoiced. It's hard not to be, a new life coming into this world, so small, frail and lovely. But the special circumstances made it even more magical. The pregnancy was a high risk one -with her mother and father being well over 40- so as a year went by and the signs started showing, we were all devastated, because we knew. [Read more]

Music cured my dyslexia

Tuesday, 24th February 2014

clapstr piano

Music has benefits in so many levels. Emotional, psychological, metaphysical. But the one that has transcended more for me is the capacity of music to have physical benefits on brain functions. Those who think that music makes you smarter are not far from the truth. [Read more]

Music keeps me young

Saturday, 21st February 2014

Girls dancing on bridge

Pop songs, by nature, have a tendency to come hard, be the hottest tune of the moment and go out without a sound as another new pop song monopolizes the radio, clubs, bars, and personal speakers. But some of those easily loved, easily forgotten songs remind me of the some the best times of my life. [Read more]

How music makes you feel better

Saturday, 15th February 2014

Listening to music

When you’re down and in troubles And you need some love and care, there's music. There's nothing better than turning on your favorite song and singing along. Stuck in traffic, or pedaling your bike to the office, a long day is waiting for you. Daunting, threatening to pose so much weight on your shoulders. But right now it's just you and your music, and nothing else matters. [Read more]

Hello World

Wednesday, 15th January 2014

For our first blog post we would like to wish you all the best for 2014. During 2013 we have been working around the clock to create something fundamentally different from everything else out there, something that we hope you will like and enjoy as much as we do. This new year is particularly exciting and challenging year for us as we plan to launch our service around the end of March.

More to come,
The Clapstr team